The Hotel Hoshinoya, situated where a retreat for the Imperial Family once stood, offers an exceptional selection of rooms, each offering a sensational view of the river alongside which the hotel is built. The gardens in which the Hoshinoya sits, visible from every room in the hotel, are brimming with cherry blossoms in the spring, beautiful forna in the summer and the autumnal colours later in the year. In the winter the waterfowl become the gardens’ centrepiece. The rooms themselves are located in a renovated ryokan, updated with modern facilities to ensure a pleasant stay but retaining the original authentic feel of the ryokan for a genuine Japanese experience.


The Hoshinoya offers Head Chef Ichiro Kubota’s unique brand of Kyoto banquet cuisine that pays respect to Kyoto’s traditions yet defies classification. It is playful, yet precise and artistic – always abundant with flavour. His cuisine has earned him fame in France and London. Guests can dine at their leisure surrounded by the deep serenity of the hills at night, either at an open counter or in private rooms under the hotel’s soft, warm lighting.


Located on the outskirts of Kyoto, the Hoshinoya allows you to explore the city but retreat from it at night. The hotel is accessed via boat from the south end of the Togetsukyo Bridge, where complimentary boats leave from the Hoshinoya Kyoyo Boat Landing. It is a fantastic arrival to a fantastic hotel and operates all day every day. (After dark and in bad conditions courtesy cars are available.)