More than a century old, the Kagaya Hotel/Ryokan combines modern facilities and services with traditional Japanese decor. The rooms at the Kagaya are exceptional, building on the sense of history that surrounds this ryokan and places emphasis and importance on evoking the traditional feel of the ryokan. Ranked number one for 36 consecutive years for Japanese Hotels and ryokans, the Kagaya is the perfect combination of luxury and history and has hosted the Emperor of Japan in the Hamarikyu executive suite. Its hospitality is impeccable.


The Kagaya provides guests with exceptional authentic dishes, prepared with local ingredients to historical recipes. The menus change regularly, reflecting the fresh produce available, and as the months change, seasonal nuances bring a different tone to the restaurant. Moreover, the selection of kaiseki-ryori that will await you in your room is a treasure of its own.


Located about an hour from Kanazawa, the Kagaya is an ideal retreat that can be easily accessed via train or car. The ryokan has exceptional facilities and amenities itself but also offers a fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding area, particularly the Noto Peninsula and its stunning ocean scenery.