The Kanazawa Chaya is one of the larger, stylish ryokans in Kanazawa. The 18 rooms are spacious and the concierge service impeccable, allowing you to relax even though you are in the centre of Kanazawa. There are two public baths in the ryokan which feature views across the garden of this luxury Japanese inn.


The restaurant in the Kanazawa Chaya is not your usual hotel restaurant. The smaller scale of ryokans compared to hotels allows the dining to be more personal and more local. The restaurant offers a range of traditional Kaga-ryori dishes, the local cuisine, combining fresh seafood and locally sourced vegetables. A traditional Japanese breakfast consisting of fish, rice and soups is also offered.


Centrally located in Kanazawa, the Kanazawa Chaya in three-minutes’ walk from Kanazawa Station and an ideal location to explore Kanazawa on foot.