The Kanra sets out to provide guests with a modern version of the traditional construction techniques used in Kyoto, which they call Machiya Style. The result is outstanding, a host of rooms which feel incredibly authentic but at the same time are cleverly constructed and exceptionally well finished, granting all of the benefits of modern construction without detracting from your cultural experience of Kyoto. The rooms vary in size, but all ooze luxury, with Japanese cypress bath tubs and many featuring private outside gardens.


The Kanra’s restaurants more than meet the standard of the rest of the hotel, with two offerings, Hanaroku and The Kitchen Kanra. Hanaroku serves a variety of local seasonal dishes from Kyoto, and excellent Wagyu beef dishes, and offers a selection of exquisite selected sake, originating from small independent sake breweries across Kyoto. The Kitchen Kanra offers many dishes from its kiln, exceptional pizzas for example, but is truly special as a result of the local seafood delicacies it offers, normally carefully chargrilled, which brings out the flavours of the locally sourced ingredients.


Centrally located, the Kanra is a great base to explore the city and is a mere 12-minute walk from the station, allowing guests to be as independent as they would like.