The Nazuna Nijo features a number of exceptionally well-appointed rooms. The large rooms feature private open-air baths, which are perfect to relax in after a long day of exploration. The hotel is known for the high standard of its service and its exceptional attention to detail when it comes to looking after its clients, from its staff to its facilities to its five-star amenities.


The Nazuna Nijo is known for its authentic cuisine. The hotel restaurant specialises in using local seasonal ingredients cooked in an authentic Irori style around a sunken hearth. The charcoal pit gives the ingredients a wholly different taste to modern methods of cooking and helps to develop the unique flavour and textures that make the food here so special. The hearth is also conducive to social meals; gather around with your family and friends to enjoy your meal and truly indulge in Japanese food culture.


The central location of the Nazuna Nijo allows you to readily explore Kyoto before retreating into the peaceful sanctuary of the traditional Japanese inn. It is ideally located to enable you to reach most destinations in Kyoto by foot, and it is a great choice if you want to explore the area, delve into the old town and sample some of the amazing local food.